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Dealing with foreign customers is for us an everyday life. Regardless of whether you need legal assistance in Poland while staying on its premises or not, our lawyers will make sure your case is completed quickly and effectively.


We care about the trust of our clients, therefore we care about the highest comfort of cooperation. Take advantage of our knowledge and experience.

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English speaking lawyer in Cracow.

We value the quality and availability of our law firm’s services.

We treat each case individually, due to the fact that situations may look similar, but they always differ. Our lawyers understand that the legal problems of  foreign clients are all the more stressful for them due to the language barrier. We provide expert legal assistance in English and cooperation with a sworn translator who helps in creating documents in German, Dutch, Italian, Russian and many others.

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Why is constant attorney service necessary? The organization of business is the key to success – the owners and presidents of thriving companies know that. That is why it is important to fill workplaces with suitably qualified people. Cooperation with the law office is therefore necessary for security, especially when big money is involved.


We provide consulting services for people who find themselves in an unclear legal situation. Different types of accidents, property violations or inviolability may be the reason for the deterioration of the situation in your home. Let us help you take the first steps to bring your life back to normal.


The law is complicated, so working with an attorney, although it seems expensive, can ultimately save you money and disappointments. We are professionals, and we know what rules apply in the courtroom. We deal with stressful conditions, thanks to which we can answer difficult questions and firmly argue our position.

How do we care for customers?

We are a team of professionals focused on achieving specific, satisfactory results.

We do not forget, however, what is most important in the relationship between a lawyer and a client – trust. From the very beginning, we offer professional support and good advice, while simultaneously surrounding conversations, both direct and e-mail, with professional secrecy.

A trusted lawyer in Cracow

We work hard to achieve your goals.

Our law office is located in the center of Cracow, but we do not only serve the residents of Krakow, but also tourists, including foreign ones. Professional knowledge, supported by years of continuous learning and practice, enables us to provide comprehensive legal assistance in many areas.

The client’s good is our priority, which is why we focus on efficient communication. We approach each case with full professionalism, while maintaining empathy that allows us to build a lasting relationship with the client.


I have worked with this office many times because of frequent problems with tenants in rented apartments. Attorneys really can quickly find each other in any legal situation.

Business customer.

I started working with Magda because I needed help in dealing with personal matters. Magda as an advocate is very well organized, understanding and supportive. I would recommend!

A difficult divorce case.

Cool! Great representation in the courtroom – now I know how important it is. Joanna is a lawyer who will fight for the last breath! I would pay her a salary in gold, because that’s what it is in court – gold!

A winning case with a former employer.

How to prepare for a meeting with an attorney?

Are you going on a first visit to a law firm? Here are some tips on how to prepare for it.

Meeting with an attorney is usually preceded by an unpleasant incident related to a personal or financial dispute. Regardless of which of them you came to grips with, it can not be denied that the circumstances in which you found yourself put in a nervous mood. To resolve your problem as soon as possible, we suggest that you prepare well for your first visit to the law office.

Pre-consultation with a lawyer will allow you to meet your prospective representative and help you decide on further cooperation. It is therefore important to bring as much specific information as possible to the interview, thanks to which the lawyer will diagnose the causes and find a solution to your situation.

Before you appear at a meeting, it is worth preparing copies of all documents that, although the least possible, may be related to the case. Let us remember that it is they who give the lawyers a full legal outline of the situation and are irrefutable evidence in the case.

Together with the lawyer set the purpose of the visit – is it to write down the document’s format, obtain a commentary or help with negotiations? Maybe you need to file a divorce petition or you just received it and you know you will need the help of a family lawyer. You do not know how to answer legal charges or do you want to know if you should be compensated?

Considering the stress accompanying the clients during the conversation, we suggest saving all the questions on the page. This solution guarantees that you will not forget anything. It is also a good idea to write the whole story in chronological order, bearing in mind that information that may seem insignificant for a good lawyer will prove to be the key to victory.